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While most research on the habitus has emphasized how it inhibits social mobility, I draw on scholars who argue that the uneven nature of the social world can create a fractured habitus. If we stumble upon emancipatory spaces, then, we may learn bodily habits that empower us. Drawing on an ethnography of lindy hop — a vintage swing dance — I show that dancers are taught to use their bodies in ways that disrupt the conventional masculine and feminine habitus.

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And I just wanna know what your thoughts are on the topic of eating disorders versus cutting versus trichotillomania, which is the hair pulling hair. I mean, there’s, there’s no doubt about that. So, so let’s go back 30, 40 years ago when the THC was three to 4% and, people, perhaps college age experimented with it, maybe they even used it frequently, but it’s still three to 4% today.

Child predators, but they’re very formalistic, these roles. And it’s like you make it, you share it. And even if you’re in a consensual relationship, you’re 16, you’ve got another, you know, you have a partner who’s 16, don’t do it. So I would say I’m totally at, agree with me. Whenever I give calls, I mean, talks to folks who were under 18. You want people to enjoy some of the benefits of the internet.

But because back Lockdown tactics and active shooter come from Southern California from the 1970s. But the problem is rooted in the 1960s. The riots in Watts in Los Angeles caused a Los Angeles unified school district to fence in several of their properties around their schools to keep threats outside.

It was the failure of their planning. It was the failure of whatever they had told their students to do when something happened, the teacher in the one classroom where all the students were killed and the teacher survived which I, I don’t know if I. I’m only relying on a door. There’s a lot of doors in schools where students cannot lock them because they don’t have keys.

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We are seeing a lot more students starting as early. As high school being less open to conversations and more interested in cancel culture. I’m not even gonna go to the school and talk about it. I’m gonna post online what I think of you and ruin you that way.

So a hundred percent of pot in Texas is being, you know, is the illegally being distributed. And so one there’s things. To add weight, which could be like sand or even crushed glass particles. As you’re going through that in your study group of two or three people take turns asking each other, what do you think Dr. Rushing would ask on the test off this slide?

Well, we, we so often, you know, you hear this idea of like, it, it, it all starts at home. There’s of course exceptions and, and unique challenges and circumstances that influence child development. But more often than not, if you spank, you might get a kid who hits. You yell at your kids, you’re going to, you know, foster that behavior and your child’s gonna yell at others. Time Outs don’t work either.

What made you decide to not go to practice today. What made you decide to drop out of the school play? What, you know, what made you decide to drive your car at 80 miles an hour in a 20 mile an hour speed zone. So I think that kind of going back and checking in will give your the child a sign or your student a sign that you really want to know.

Maybe a real warning sign versus something along the lines of a student making a joke. That of course is not funny. And you say there’s no specific. And it begs the question, Susan and I regularly handle student misconduct cases that might involve the student getting in trouble for posting a picture with a toy gun or fake bullets, things like that. So a lot of times you may not even know you stop somebody in the path to violence by doing a good behavioral threat assessment on them. But a lot of times it becomes an issue where they don’t even.

So that person is never going to remember giving consent, if they gave it and they’re not gonna remember not, you know, they’re not gonna remember either way. They’re, they’re gonna know they may have physical evidence that they were physically intimate with somebody, but they don’t know if they consented or not. And you may have slurred speech in 30 minutes, but you may not, when you were giving enthusiastic, ongoing verbal consent. But the next day, no matter if someone was with you the whole time, and they’re reminding you and say, but don’t you remember this? And trying to prod your memory.

I, what I’m trying to do and what I do for the greenhouse is make us as transparent to the outside community as possible and make the outside community as transparent to the personnel here as possible. And I guess my question for you, I, I think I understand what you’re getting at, but is, is this just semantics or like what’s really at the heart of that http://thedatingpros.com/bdsm-com-review/ notion. Let’s not talk about this for a couple minutes. Or, I, if my son’s, disregulated, he’s running around the room and doing something, you know, my biggest goal is to be a safe person. And I don’t try to force compliance on things. If I try to force compliance on things, that creates more dysregulation, because that’s more of a safety thing.

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